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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about participation in clinical research.

1What benefit will I get from participating?

When you participate in a study with us, you will receive a thorough medical assessment. You will not be rushed and will have all the time you need to have your concerns heard. You will have immediate access to specialist services. (It can take 6-12 months for an appointment with a specialist in many communities). You will have the chance to take advantage of cutting edge treatments for your disorder. You will have the opportunity to help advance medical knowledge. If nobody participated in clinical trials, no new medications would be approved for use. Trials are required by law for every prescription drug.

2Is there a chance I will take a placebo medication?

Many clinical trials compare active medications with placebos. There is a chance you could be assigned to a placebo while participating in a clinical trial. Most people will feel somewhat better even while on a placebo medication. You will be informed whether there is a chance you could receive a placebo and how great that chance is.

3Am I the first person to take this medication?

No. All drugs go through several stages of research to determine their safety before they are tested on people with the disorder. We can tell you approximately how many people have already taken the medication. Many of the drugs we study are already being used for other conditions.

4Who can participate in trials?

Each study has a set of criteria for participation. This takes into account symptoms, past treatment experience and other health concerns. Anyone is welcome to inquire about ongoing studies.

5If I come in for an assessment, do I have to participate?

No. You are never under any obligation to participate in a trial.

6Can I quit at any time?

Yes. If you decide to withdraw, you are free to leave the study at any time.

7Do I need a referral from my doctor?

You do not need a referral from your doctor and it is your choice whether or not you would like us to share your assessment information with your doctor.

8Will this cost me anything?

No. All costs are covered by the study's sponsor. Participation in a trial will not affect your regular or extended health care.