What's Involved?

Psychometric Raters will conduct standardized cognitive tests in order to provide you with a report of your strengths and weaknesses. These tests can analyze many different aspects of your cognitive functioning and allow you to follow your progress over time.

The medical profession has been working hard to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. As a result, individuals are encouraged to begin taking an active role in managing their mental health. One simple step you can take is having your memory assessed on a regular basis.

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How It Works

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2. Your Appointment

Meet with one of our friendly staff members who will ask you a series of questions to help determine your cognitive baseline.

3. Results On The Spot

Get your results during the same session as your test. If you do qualify for a study you're more than welcome to volunteer. There's no obligation and you're free to do as you wish with the information.

4. Your Future Is Important

Regardless of your result, you're welcome to book a test for the future to keep an eye on your memory, or sign up to be contacted if any studies come along where you may qualify as a candidate.

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